Petty and Associates | Management Consulting, Facilitation and Training
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What are the factors preventing your company or organization from achieving excellence? What missed opportunities or blind spots are holding you back? How can you more effectively reach and communicate with your customers and target audience?  What marketing strategies are the best fit with your overall goals?

Petty and Associates specializes in answering these and other important questions for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies, trade organizations and professional associations.

We do this by using much of the same toolkit needed to solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle—patience, critical thinking, analysis, attention to detail, focus, creativity, and most of all passion.

Let us help you reach the next level of success with our management consulting services, marketing and communication solutions, and customer service expertise.


Management Consulting

Ms. Petty integrates her knowledge of business, people, process, and organizational behavior to help you successfully deal in new ways with your most critical issues and move your company or organization to the next level.

Business and Marketing Planning

Working in conjunction with your leadership and management team, a situation audit is conducted to develop a plan spelling out long-term objectives, goals and strategies with recommended action steps or tactics for implementation.

Marketing Communications

Developing concise, clear messages and media you will employ to communicate with your customers and other stakeholders is determined to enhance your visibility, name recognition and brand awareness in the marketplace.

Meeting Facilitation

The high cost of unproductive meetings to resolve complex concerns often warrants a professional facilitator. With Ms. Petty’s years of experience working on all types of issues, expertise in group dynamics and as a licensed instructor in group problem solving & decision making, she is well-equipped to maximize your meeting outcomes.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

In times of rapid change, organizations must establish a clear and compelling vision of what it wants to achieve and then challenge status quo thinking to create a new course for the future. Working with your leadership team, Ms. Petty can assist you in mapping out strategic actions and priorities that take into account current capabilities and resources.

Leadership Development

Using state-of-art assessment technology coupled with instructional support, coaching and skill development, Ms. Petty can partner with you to enhance the development of current and future company or organization leaders as well as senior management teams who want to maximize their collective effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

Coaching services are tailored to each client and provided to successful individuals, groups and project teams for enhanced performance and personal growth in a particular area. CEO’s, Board members, senior company leaders, project managers, estimators, safety personnel, and field superintendents have all benefited from Ms. Petty’s coaching services.

High-Performance Team Building

In spite of the myths of solo visionary leaders, it is widely understood that teams of people lead organizations. Ms. Petty can provide you and your organization with a better understanding of how successful, high-performing teams function and a team building process to maximize your team’s cohesiveness and results.

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