Petty and Associates | Approach
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The Petty and Associates team led by Trudy Petty knows how to keep clients focused on what is most important to your customers and other stakeholders as strategies are developed and solutions are implemented. A holistic, strategic and comprehensive approach for each assignment with a strong ‘customer focus’ helps to ensure proper alignment and integration with your company or organization’s  goals, priorities, capabilities, and resources.

In particular, clients say they value Trudy’s ability to dig deep for information, quickly assimilate and analyze data, make important insights, and identify strategies with the most return on investment. Her assistance, guidance and hands-on, behind the scenes work is often called on in the implementation phase so desired results are achieved at a faster rate.

As the firm’s principal, Trudy delivers the majority of work to clients.  Depending on the scope and nature of an assignment, the services of one or more associates might be retained from a select group of independent consultants and specialty firms who she has confidence in. One such firm is Blue Light Labs who often collaborate with Trudy on website design and development, social media and digital marketing.

Before engagements, you will receive a written proposal letter confirming your objectives and outlining the scope of services, expected results, deliverables, timetable, and fees.  You can either ask for a fee quote on a project by project basis or have Trudy work on a monthly retainer which many of her clients prefer when numerous services and deliverables are identified for completion over a longer time frame.  The retainer option often provides clients with cost savings versus a project by project approach.