Petty and Associates | Testimonials
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Your complete satisfaction and getting the results you seek is what we care about the most. Many of our clients establish long-term relationships with the Petty and Associates firm as diverse and multiple assignments and projects are taken on. Read what some of our satisfied clients are saying…

“I am especially grateful for your efforts during my tenure with Rogers Construction in helping us expand our client base and win new projects that included your writing proposal and qualification responses, prepping our team for interviews, and coming up with new and better ways for us to market and communicate our services to prospective and current clients.”

Chad Clark, President of Development and Construction
Village Park Senior Living

“Trudy’s ability to understand the complexities of our business and our culture allowed her to effectively guide us through our first strategic thinking and business planning process. We are now successfully implementing a comprehensive strategic plan that includes a well-developed quality assurance plan and a customer satisfaction measurement process.”

Denward L. Freeman, President
MEDCO Construction

“We retained Trudy five years ago to help implement our marketing program. At that time, a major emphasis of our business plan was to win a portion of the $1.2 billion Dallas Independent School District bond program. As a direct result of her coaching, we won contracts for 20 profitable school renovation projects. The impact of having Trudy as an integral part of our team continues to be readily apparent. She is helping us embark on a major effort to improve the infrastructure of our company. Trudy is very intelligent, possesses a wealth of valuable information, and she understands the construction industry. Her most appealing character trait is her 100% commitment to our success. No matter what issue we are talking, I know Trudy is in there working for us to succeed.”

Rusty Norris, President
Joe Funk Construction, Inc.

“Trudy’s experience and unique insight have been an invaluable asset to our growth both as a management team and as a company. As a result of her efforts, we have accomplished much more than what I originally envisioned possible.”

Calvin Pate, Vice President
Harrison Contracting Company, Inc.

“Trudy Petty was recommended as a professional strategic plan facilitator who could assist Board members at the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) in revisiting and updating our strategic plan. Utilizing unique participatory communication and information identifying exercises, Ms. Petty was able to focus the Executive Committee on the challenges facing the Institute and our respective opinions on how to best meet those challenges. It was a highly productive session and well received by everyone attending. We accomplished what we set out to do.”

David R. Mattson, Chairman/CEO
D. R. Mattson, Inc.

“Over the past several years, we have accomplished a great deal with your help and hard help us become a better company and more successful business men and women. You have been a trusted friend to McCaslin-Hill often serving as a sounding board for changes or new ideas.”

Tim Hill, President
McCaslin-Hill Construction

“You did an outstanding job presenting the ‘Top 25 Ways to Effectively Market Your Company’ at the Women’s Business Council Southwest- ACE Group program. Knowledge was gained by all—you are a true professional.”

Jim Schultz, Senior Manager, O&M Operations
Fluor Corporation

“Trudy provided keen insight into ways to upgrade how we were marketing and communicating with our members which proved to be a turning point in our Chapter’s efforts to grow and attract new members.”

Scott Norvell, President
Master Builders of Iowa

“Excellent presentation on customer service at the recent Master Builders of Iowa convention. I greatly enjoyed it and felt that I gained a wealth of valuable information. I will be able to “blend in” some of the things you discussed with our business model as we continue to strive for excellence in customer service. Well done and thank you.”

Alan Johnson, President
Point Builders

“Thank you for your help and support over the past three years with all that has gone on at Dallas AGC. I have really appreciated your writing, your help in our planning sessions, your attention to our forums, and your ability to keep the various groups on track.  I think you have been a leading factor in our success.”

Colin Graidage, Chairman of the Board, Dallas AGC
President (retired), Charter Builders