Petty and Associates | Trudy’s Bio
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Trudy Shay Petty combines a background in business, education and psychology making her a unique consulting professional. To each assignment, she brings over 30 years of experience in solving critical business issues and an in-depth knowledge of change management, marketing and sales, customer service, communication, human relations, consumer behavior, group process, organizational development, and people development.  A “big picture” thinker, Trudy is known for her keen insights, creative learning exercises, facilitation, and coaching skills, Equally proficient in organizational and operational issues from an employer, employee and client perspective, she can identify and help support the implementation of long-term solutions and short-term success.  Working with clients, Trudy’s emphasis is on developing strategies that address simultaneous needs at the same time for greater impact—for example a single strategy that yields a competitive advantage and also increases market share, enhances customer loyalty, and contributes to the organization’s growth, is a sound strategy to pursue.

Her diverse work history includes private and publically-held companies, higher education institutions, local/state governments, non-profits, professional associations, and professional service firms. She has been recognized for many accomplishments including top annual sales producer over multiple years.

Prior to starting her own business, Trudy held numerous senior-level positions in a variety of corporate, higher education and non-profit work settings. These positions include Vice President-Marketing for Action Management Associates, a national training company; Vice President-Trust & Investment at InterFirstBank Dallas; and early in her career Executive Director of the Colorado Commission on the Status of Women, and Assistant Dean of Women at The University of Kansas.

As an advocate of lifelong learning, Trudy welcomes opportunities to guide clients in challenging the status quo to take their company or organization to the next level.

Trudy received a Graduate degree in Marketing from Southern Methodist University, a Master of Science in Education from The University of Kansas, and her BA from The University of Texas at Austin.