Petty and Associates | What We Do
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Petty and Associates brings a unique perspective to management consulting, developed through years of diverse work assignments and experiences with a variety of companies, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions and the public sector.

By integrating our knowledge of “business,” “marketing,” “people development,” “high-performing teams,” “strategic thinking and planning,” and “organizational behavior,” we can help resolve your most pressing issues, identify new strategic opportunities and uncover hidden blindspots that might be holding you back. Our experience tells us that a new set of eyes and an objective perspective often leads to new and better results—this is what we do and what we are known for at Petty and Associates.

Since 1994, Trudy has worked primarily with companies in the design and commercial construction industry including engagements with several AGC of America Chapters. Her assignments range anywhere from completing one or more specifically defined projects such as helping a company or association organize and systematize their marketing and business development operation to working on multiple, diverse projects over a several year period. Depending on a client’s needs, these diverse projects might include helping them develop and implement a marketing strategy to increase name recognition and brand awareness, reworking qualification and proposal responses to increase the win rate, writing and placing press releases/feature stories on completed projects, enhancing project team performance to deliver a better customer experience, coaching project managers and field superintendents on more effective communication methods,, and reworking marketing collaterals and communication pieces so they are more customer-focused.